NASHA is authorized by Panama and Cook Island




  • Leadership in vessel registrations worldwide
  • No minimum tonnage or age requirements for vessels.
  • Tokyo MOU White List.
  • Paris MOU White List.
  • Category “A” of the IMO Council.
  • Approved audit by the IMO.
  • Competitive costs
  • New Law No. 57 of Merchant Marine of August 6, 2008,with multiple discounts scheme.
  • Preliminary registration of title / mortgage.
  • Vessels under construction can obtain provisional registration.
  • Major class survey societies accepted.
  • All nationalities accepted
  • Dual Registration Possible
  • Tax advantages


The registration of a ship under the Panama flag is very simple and it is initiated with its Provisional Registration; once the provisional registration is obtained, the owner will have up to 6 months to present the documents and requirements for obtaining the Permanent Registration of the vessel

The application for the provisional registration of a ship may be submitted before a Panamanian Consul abroad or directly in the City of Panama, before the Panama Maritime Direction by the legal representative of the owners.
If the Provisional Registration is made in Panama, Our Firm can file the application for the registration. In this case, you must send us, the documents and the government fees to be paid in Panama.


For the Navigation and Radio Provisional License

Name of the vessel
Owner’s name and address
Previous name of the vessel
Previous nationality
Place of build
Date of build
Number of decks, mats and funnel
Material of the hull
Length, breadth and depth
Tonnage: gross and net
Kind of service given by the vessel
Type and number of engines
Type and number of cylinders
Brand and name of manufacturers
Speed of the vessel
Horse powers
Name of the classification Society
Authority in charge of the radio accounts
Information about the radio and equipment
Areas of navigation
Type of call letters

The Provisional Registration may be obtained in 2 days after the application. It will be necessary to provide complete information about the vessel and to pay the government taxes. Once the Provisional Registration is obtained, there is a term of 6 months to present all the original documents in order to obtain the Permanent Registration.


The following list of documents shall be presented in a term of 6 months after the issuance of the provisional registration.

  • Proof of ownership (Bill of Sale or Building Certificate)
  • Power of attorney on behalf of Firm for registering the vessel (we will provide draft)
  • Technical certificates
  • Deletion certificate / cancellation of previous registry (not required for new vessels)
  • Tonnage Certificate, issued by an authorized classification society on behalf of the Republic of Panama
  • Confirmation of the authority in charge of the radio accounts
  • Radio application forms, duly filled out
  • The vessels that are 20 years old require a special inspection to enter to the Panamanian Registry
  • The above documents shall be authenticated by a Panamanian Consul or by Apostille.


In order to obtain a detailed quotation for a vessel registrations in Panama or vessel registration in Belize and/or Cook Islands please provide information via email or via fax (507) 314-0409. The following information must be sent regarding the ship:

  • Vessel Name
  • Type of vessel
  • Net and gross tonnage
  • Year of build
  • Your contact information
  • Kindly contact us for any questions or to receive a formal quotation.