NASHA is authorized by Panama and Cook Island



Each vessel sailing under the Panamanian flag in Foreign Service and dedicated to the international commerce and other commercial activities shall be subject to an Annual Safety Inspection, in order to determine whether it complies with the National Law and International Maritime Conventions adopted by the Republic of Panama.

In addition, said vessels shall be subject to ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTIONS whenever circumstances merit this, in order to attain the aforementioned aims.

The owner(s), operator(s), or company responsible of the management of one or more vessels sailing under the Panamanian flag, as well as their agents representatives or the Master of such vessels shall be under obligation to admit the Panama Flag Inspector on board, cooperate with them and allow them to fully carry out the inspection.

Annual Safety Inspections are not intended to replace surveys for the issuance of technical statutory certificates. Such activities will continue to be performed by duly recognized organizations.


As per your request, the requirements for ASI inspector are as follow:

1. Comply with the following requirements:

Fill out the ASI Inspector application Form (F-GPASI-01-01)

Submit two (2) photos ID size.

2. Provide copy of the Certificate of Proficiency that certified them as Merchant Marine Captain, Engine Room Chief, or Naval Officer.

Applicants must demonstrate its experience on their professional area in the last 3 years such as: inspections, vessels operations or similar.

The applicant who does not possess, the Captain Title or Engine Room Chief shall present other Title which credits them as professionals of the Maritime Sector in the area of Naval Architecture, Naval Engineer, a Bachelor Degree in Nautical Engineering specializing in Navigation and Marine Transportation, a Bachelor Degree in Nautical Engineering specializing in Naval Engine with a three (3) years minimum experience or have participated on the United Nations Development Program “Project Pan 86/008” for the training as nautical inspector.

Present a Good Health Medical Certificate issued in the official format mode for that effect complying with the minimum requirements.

Present a Copy of Passport.

Due to the strength of the work, every applicant whose age is over 60 years must present a special medical certificate of Good Health with emphasis on the eye, ear evaluation; heart conditions (including effort exam), drugs, alcohol and comments on the applicant’s physical condition provided by a Doctor who exerts his practices in the Republic of Panama. The applicant must take these tests yearly.

3. Applicants must submit the following updated training evidence at the time the application is submitted

Training for Statutory Certificates

  • International Load Line Certificate (ILL 66)
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC 69)
  • Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate (SAFCON)
  • Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate (SAFEQ)
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate (SARCE)
  • Certificates of Training related to MARPOL Annex 73/78

The following trainings are mandatory:

  • Certificate of the International Safety Management Code (ISM).
  • The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

The following trainings are necessary for each particular case:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas Ship Training (LNG), in case of the inspection of this type of vessel.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Ship Training (LPG), in case of the inspection of this type of vessel.
  • Chemical Ship Training, in case of the inspection of this type of vessel.
  • Ballast Water Management Training (Optional).

All the mentioned requirements must be notarized by an authorized Public Notary or by a Panamanian General Consul abroad. In case the applicants are not eligible, they shall make the application process again including the corresponding payment according to the present fees.